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2019/20 Committee

Fiona Barclay    Committee Member & Head Judge

Fiona learned Rock'n'Roll at the Colac club in 1994 after returning to Colac from Melbourne with her two children.  She and Malcolm first competed at the VRRDA competition in Colac in 1995.  (Still regarded by many as the best State Finals yet with over 800 people in attendance).  This made a big impression on them and they were hooked.  Fiona works as a lending assistant at a mortgage broking firm and enjoys walking, reading, cooking and is a member of the Geelong Football Club.  She and Malcolm have made many enduring friendships through Rock ‘n’ Roll both at their local club and through travelling around to competitions.  They are teachers at the Colac R’n’R Club and get great satisfaction from seeing their students enjoying themselves and improving their dancing.

Don Malek    Committee Member

Don is a business executive who, over the last few years, has developed a passion for competitive Rock'n'Roll dancing.  He and Cheryl have been adding to their tally of successes at a range of dance events.  Their passion has taken them throughout Australia and to international events such as the New Zealand Rock'n'Roll championships, Swing & Lindy championships in LA and they even danced with the locals in Canada.  Don and Cheryl have made many friends and enjoyed what Rock'n'Roll has given them over the last few years, and as such, Don joined the VRRDA with the philosophy of "wanting to give something back" to a dance style that has given both of them  so much.

Jo Duncan    Committee Member

Horses and children took up Jo’s first 45 years of life, until a chance encounter introduced her to Rock ‘n’ Roll and Lindy Hop.  She began attending lessons with Greg & Wendy Gilbert from S’CoolHouse Rock & Swing in 2007.  Dancing had become her passion. She competed in the team’s event in the 2009 VRRDA State Championships and later as a couple with David Tarrant.  Together with David, she now takes great enjoyment instructing at Echuca S’CoolHouse Rock & Swing and at work shops across Victoria, introducing many new people to Rock’n’Roll and Lindy Hop dance styles.


Rob Ewart  Committee Member

Rob only discovered the pleasure of Rock'n'Roll dancing just a few months before the demise of Just Rock.   He credits Kevin & Carol Ross of the Fourmost Dance Company for stimulating his interest in the more technical aspects of this form of dancing.  

Once retired after a notable career in Local Government, supporting community arts, sport and leisure activities, Rob felt obliged to get involved with the VRRDA.  He is also a Forum Moderator on www.vicrock.com.au. Along with his wife Margie, Rob loves the raunchiness of Melbourne's pub scene and prefers dancing to Roots Rock, Rockabilly and R&B. During his time on the Committee Rob has served as Publicity Officer and Treasurer.  He also had a five year term as President