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Results - 2019 State Championships

Date:                Saturday 18 May 2019

Venue:             St Sava,  Greensborough

Band:               The Fender Benders

Hall of Fame:   Bill & Maree Oldham, Linda Smyth

Judges:            Fiona Barclay - Fiona Barclay ( Head Judge) Annette Niven, David Gilfillan, Dave Tarrant, Cheryl Malek, Celia Webb,                         Justin DiPaola, Greg Gilbert, Wendy Gilbert, Andrew Camp, Johnny Phung, Rhonda Runting, Malcolm Barker

Volunteers:      Cheryl, Celeste, Felix, Lily, Barry, Glenda, Barb, Alicia & Margie

Youth State Title

1st   Jesse Morris & Tori Braun

2nd  Jack Aber & Abigail Aber

3rd   Jai Gibson & Angela Gibson

Youth Beginners

Sponsored by Lakeside Rockers

1st   Blair Gale & Hannah Johnston

2nd  Connor Baird & Michaela Jackson

3rd   Julian Hill & Paige Jackson

Youth Intermediate

Sponsored by Blue Suede Shoes Dance School

1st   Seth Aber & Georgia Luyt

2nd  Jai Gibson & Angela Gibson

3rd   James Higgs & Tahlia Hill

Youth Advanced

Sponsored by LE Rock

1st   Jesse Morris & Tori Braun

2nd  Jack Aber & Abigail Aber

3rd   James Goldfarb & Madelyn Stonehouse

Junior No Lifts

Sponsored by Team Richards

1st   Jai Gibson & Angela Gibson

2nd  Seth Aber & Georgia Luyt

3rd   James Goldfarb & Madelyn Stonehouse

Teen No Lifts

Sponsored by Geelong Jukebox Rockers

1st   Jesse Morris & Tori Bran

2nd  Jack Aber & Abigail Aber

3rd   Blair Gale & Hannah Johnson

Youth Lifts

Sponsored by Rockabilly Babes

1st   Jesse Morris & Tori Baruan

2nd  Jack Aber & Abigail Aber

Best Dressed

Sponsored by On Memory Lane

1st   Bill & Maree Oldham

2nd  Jesse Morris & Tori Braun

3rd   Paul Shadbolt & Glenda Trainor

Adult State Title

1st   Aaron O’Neill & Suzie Braumann

2nd  Travis Johnson & Sarah Wonson

3rd   Matthew Davies & Charissa Wade

Adult Beginners

Sponsored by Johnny’s Rockers

1st   Douglas Nadalin & Tarra Gale

2nd  Andrew Beagley & Janine Visser

3rd   Sidney Rees & Bianca Tolson

Adult Newcomers

Sponsored by Jitterbugz

1st   Levis Palfi & Sophie Palfi

2nd  Paul Wan & Denise Winter

3rd   Douglas Nadalin & Tarra Gale

Adult Intermediate

Sponsored by Alley Catz

1st   Shane Stephens & Anjel Taylor

2nd  Snedden Thompson & Melanie Karwata

3rd   Shayne Ivaldi & Vetty Moffitt

Adult Advanced

Sponsored by Colac Rock ‘n’ Roll Club

1st   Aaron O’Neill & Suzie Braumann

2nd  Matthew Davies & Charissa Wade

3rd   Nathaniel Borda & Kara Munn

Platinum Lifts

Sponsored by Harro’s Hoppers

1st   Stuart Smith & Janine Smith

2nd  Grant Richards & Maryanne Richards

3rd   John Hallifax & Judy Donald

Open Lifts

Sponsored by Linda’s Rockers

1st   Travis Johnson & Sarah Wonson

2nd  Matthew Davies & Charissa Wade

3rd   Frankie Boom & Muriel Perevich

Senior State Title

1st   Grant Richards & Maryanne Richards

2nd  Stuart Smith & Janine Smith

3rd   Don Malek & Linda Silver

Young Adult No Lifts

Sponsored by S’CoolHouse Rock & Swing

1st   Matthew Davies & Charissa Wade

2nd  Nathaniel Borda & Kara Munn

3rd   Snedden Thompson & Melanie Karwata

Masters No Lifts

Sponsored by Rock’n’Roll News

1st   Stuart Smith & Janine Smith

2nd  Darrell Jarvis & Trudi Laing

3rd   Keith Andrews & Helen Andrews

Nifty Fifties No Lifts

Sponsored by Geelong Jukebox Rockers

1st   Grant Richards & Maryanne Richards

2nd  Perry Henwood & Livia Sift

3rd   Don Malek & Linda Silver

Diamond Era No Lifts

Sponsored by Gippy Rocks

1st  Paul Wan & Denise Winter

2nd  John Hallifax & Judy Donald

3rd   Gary Owen & Helen Hannon

Novice Triples

Sponsored by Rock ‘n’ Roll News

1st   Bryan Chirgwin, Cathy Carter & Mandy Ahchow

Open Triples

Sponsored by Hooked On Rock

1st   Stuart Smith, Janine Smith & Helen Andrews

2nd  John Hallifax, Judy Donald & Lee Walters

3rd   Ian Hill, Fiona Hill & Carmel Mooney