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New Competition Event - Fours for 2024

Fours will be a new addition to the choice of competition events for the 2024 State Championships.

Just as the name suggests, a Fours unit will comprise four dancers.  The event will be open to all ages and any gender mix.

During the competition, the judges will be looking for a high level of interaction between dancers, a minimal repetition of moves, inventiveness of the choreography and creative interpretation of the music.

Dancers must change partners during the song.  Leans and dips will be allowed, but no lifts.

Unlike other competition events, where the song is announced on the night, those entering the Fours event will know their song well in advance.

The Fours song for the 2024 State Championships is Dickey Lee’s “I Saw Linda Yesterday”.  

To make sure everyone works from the same version, the song on the night will be identical to this version on iTunes:

Name - I Saw Linda Yesterday.   Artist - Dickey Lee.  Album - Super Hits 60's.  Length - 2:03.

The 2024 VRRDA Competition Rules will include this new wording:

20 B)   Fours:

1)  The Fours section is open to dancers of all ages.

2)  Each Fours unit will be made up of four dancers.

3)  In conjunction with Rule 22a, judges will assess synchronization, inventiveness of the choreography,

     and interpretation of the music.

4)  For the 2024 State Championships, the VRRDA Committee announced the Four’s song in October 2023.  The song

     is “I Saw Linda Yesterday” by Dickey Lee.  The song played at the 2024 State Championships will be the same

     phrasing, tempo and duration as this version on iTunes:

     Name - I Saw Linda Yesterday.   Artist - Dickey Lee.  Album - Super Hits 60's.  Length - 2:03.

5)  Fours is a No Lifts event; leans and dips will be allowed.  Conditions of Rule 17 apply.