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The Victorian Rock’n’Roll Dance Iso-Titles  On now - Saturday & Sunday 16 &17 May

Record yourself dancing and post your clip to the VRRDA Facebook page

It is not a dance comp.  It is about having fun, sharing with the dance community and about having a go

One couple will be selected at random and they will win two spectator tickets to the next Victorian Rock’n’Roll Dance State Titles

Remember the Social Distancing requirements

Like any good competition there are a few simple rules.

1. Video must be minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 60 Seconds

2. It would be great for all entrants to dress in their sharpest Rock’n’Roll outfits.  (If you really don’t want to that’s OK. However you must adhere to public decency)

3. Your clip must be posted to either the VRRDA Facebook page, as a stand-alone or as a “comment” to the Iso-Titiles announcement

4. Videos must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Sunday 17 May

5. Videos must consist of two dancers, you don’t have to be dancing together (social distancing) but two people must be present.

6. This is a fun event so lifts/drops/props, whilst they look awesome, will not get you any closer to being selected

Why not take advantage of one of the amazing local musicians doing regular Facebook live shows and have a dance to them?  Feel free to tag them in your videos too.  It would surely make their day as well!

This competition is open NOW!!  Good luck