The Victorian Rock’n’Roll Dance Association Inc

Registered No: A0023069L

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VRRDA Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Victorian Rock’n’Roll Dance Association (VRRDA) is to promote, preserve and enhance Rock’n’Roll dancing.

The VRRDA will work to achieve this by:

1. Exploring and developing opportunities to encourage participation in Rock’n’Roll dancing.

2. Presenting the annual Victorian Rock’n’Roll Dance State Championships.  The State Championships provide opportunities to:

2.1 Encourage motivated dancers to achieve higher skill levels.

2.2 Demonstrate excellence in Rock’n’Roll dancing.

2.3 Promote participation in Rock’n’Roll dancing.

2.4 Provide a best practise model for the conduct of other Rock’n’Roll dance competitions.

3. Encouraging others to conduct Rock’n’Roll dance competitions and by assisting with the presentation of such competitions.

4. Exploring and developing opportunities to assist Rock’n’Roll dance clubs and dance schools to operate effectively and to attract and retain participants.