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UP HERE FOR THINKING    VRRDA Classic Rock Lyrics Quiz     Number One


1.   Ritchie had a girl.  What was her name?                       

2.   How could Johnny play a guitar?                                    

3.   What is at the end of Lonely St?                                     

4.   Who makes Richard ting-a-ling-a-ling?                                                     HOW DID YOU GO?

5.   How old was Chuck’s Marie?                                                                      POST YOUR SCORE HERE

6.   Where does Wee Willy Brown go?                                                             CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ANSWERS

7.   Try to take a tiger from where?                                       

8.   Who would you know if you see her?                            

9.    What colour was Nadine’s Cadillac?                                

10.  How many times is it safe to look at Brian Setzer?        


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